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Visit to Grande Dixence: 10 things to see and do


With its history, its alpine scenery and its many activities, the Grande Dixence site deserves a full day's visit. Whether you are a fan of this epic dam, an adventurer looking for adrenaline, a skilled hiker or a contemplative visitor, you will love your day trip to this exceptional site.
Let us guide you through 10 things you shouldn't miss:

  1. When you arrive, get close to the foot of the giant and have your photo taken in front of the wall. You will feel infinitely liliputian in front of the gigantic wall.


  1. Visit the exhibition centres free of charge and immerse yourself in the history of the dam epic. You will understand how this revolutionary construction site changed the lives of the valley's inhabitants. A piece of history to be combined with a Past-Present immersion in the heart of Hérémence and/or a guided tour of the multi-site museum of Hérémence.


  1. Book your visit to the inside of the wall and enter the bowels of the structure. Unusual and fascinating.


  1. Take the cable car up to the top of the dam and walk on the top of the wall.  On one side you have a wonderful view of the valley, on the other side you have a splendid view of the lake with the glaciers in the background.


  1. Walk along the lake and have a picnic in the cool of the streams and the whistling of the marmots. An ideal itinerary for families.


  1. If you are in the mood for an adrenaline rush, try the longest zip line in Switzerland.


  1. Hike to discover the mountain huts.


  1. Discover the fauna and flora. Keep an eye open, edelweiss may be at your feet and marmots may be within sight.


  1. Admire the little chapel of Saint-Jean, isolated in front of its concrete screen


  1. Take a break with the local food or spend the night at the Hotel-Restaurant du Barrage, called the Ritz by the Grande Dixence workers. An impressive building, a symbol of the industrial heritage of the 1960s.

Share your days at Grande Dixence with us using the hashtag #FanduValDix


Visit to Grande Dixence: 10 things to see and do

Visit to Grande Dixence: 10 things to see and do

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