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Traditional breads

The importance of dark rye bread (pain de seigle) in the everyday diet of those living in the Valais is attested to by writers as far back as 1209.
Rye is the grain which is best adapted to the climate in the Valais and can be grown at a high altitude of up to 2200m. The inhabitants of the village manufacture it two to three times per year as it can be conserved for a long time. They cook it in the village’s stone oven called the banal oven.
Over time, other grains appeared in bread making and the pain de seigle was considered as a poor man’s bread until the 1990s. The Valais pain de seigle AOC allows artisanal bakers to continue growing rye in the Valais and consequently, to preserve the landscape. There is a very precious link between the consumer, artisanal baker and farmer.

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