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Les Haudères village

Les Haudères

At the confluence of the Borgne de Ferpècle and the Borgne d'Arolla lies the small village of Les Haudères, overlooked by the Dents de Veisivi and the Roc Vieux and enjoying a breathtaking view of the Dent-Blanche. 

The shops
Many commercial establishments can be found in this small village at the intersection of the Vallon de Ferpècle and the Val d'Arolla, such as charming hotels (the first one was opened in 1870), cafés-restaurants or food shops such as the central dairy, where you can find local products: raclette des Haudères or the famous Evolène and Haudères tomme. 

Architecture and built heritage
Les Haudères is a village with well-preserved architecture and is recognised by ISOS (Federal Inventory of Built Sites of National Importance to be Protected in Switzerland) for its exceptional built heritage, as are the neighbouring villages of Evolène and Lannaz. The chapel of Les Haudères, where the Classical Festival of Les Haudères takes place every summer, is also home to paintings by François de Ribaupierre, an artist well known in the Val d'Hérens:

If, in imitation of Charles Baudelaire (one of his inspirations), François de Ribaupierre wanders through the streets of teeming cities (Munich, Paris or Florence), he also walks in the Lötschental or the Val d'Hérens. [...] The painter chose La Forclaz (Val d'Hérens) as his second home (1936), out of a long-standing attachment to the Valais. [...] He decorated several churches with frescoes, including the chapel of Les Haudères. (Source)

The lower part of the village, along the Borgne, is home to several farms and, for some years now, the Hérens Arena, built to host the town's queen fights and which therefore offers a playground for various events, thanks in particular to the adjoining covered area.

Weekly summer market
On the summer craft market, you can still see merchants, craftsmen and farmers in traditional Valaisan costume.


Les Haudères village

Les Haudères village

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