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The Church of Hérémence


A work of art and an architectural feat.

Not to be missed under any circumstances. The church of Hérémence is as unusual as it is impressive. The church of Hérémence, dedicated to St. Nicholas, was built by the Basel architect Walter Förderer. The old church, damaged by the 1946 earthquake and already too small at the time, needed to be replaced. It was demolished in the fall of 1967. The first stone of the new church was blessed on 22 September, 1968, and on 31 October 1971, Monseigneur Adam consecrated the new church of St. Nicholas.  

The church of Hérémence was built at the time of the dams and is constructed entirely of concrete, which connects it to the formidable work of art that is the Grande Dixence dam, completed a few years earlier. Its unique architecture makes it a curiosity which attracts many visitors. A ‘Sound and Light’ presentation illustrates the peculiarities of this building.

Information on the parish of Hérémence.


The Church of Hérémence

The Church of Hérémence
Hérémence Tourisme

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GPS coordinates :
46.17211255289593, 7.422193385696346

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