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The Pyramids of Euseigne


This spectacular natural phenomenon is clearly visible from the road that crosses the Val d’Hérens. A row of slender pyramids, formed by erosion in a morainic terrain, are capped with stone hats. The pyramids of Euseigne were included in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance in 1983. They cover a surface of 70 hectares. The nearby pyramid trail allows you get up close and admire them from different perspectives. Walking time: 20–25 min. Details >

The fascinating earth formations at the entrance to the small Valaisian village of Euseigne cannot be overlooked: the valley's main road leads directly through them. The earth cones are 10 to 15 meters high and most of them are protected by a rock lodged on the top. The cones were created in the end phase of the last Ice Age, about 80,000 to 10,000 years ago.

When the ice retreated, glacier tongues left enormous piles of debris behind, which contained boulders. Rain and meltwater gradually freed these boulders. While the water continued to erode and carve out the area surrounding the boulders, these rocks served as protective caps for the soil underneath them, enabling the formation of the well-known natural monuments.


The Pyramids of Euseigne

The Pyramids of Euseigne

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1982 Euseigne

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GPS coordinates :
46.173166535135806, 7.417171597480775

Altitude :
960 m