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Randonnée à ski

Maya Nivo Trail


Maya Nivo Trail
Crossing the snow-covered mountain while making tracks is a real privilege. But beware, snow is sometimes dangerous !
To move about safely, you must learn to estimate the avalanche risk. The NivoTrail will help you with this learning process by reminding you of the main risk factors and indicators. And with the NivoTest app, you can even make your own diagnosis …………
Design and production : Robert and Patrice.
Route from Grange Neuve (1670 m) to Lovegno (2370 m). Altitude difference : 700 m
> Consult the avalanche bulletins and NivoTest
> Use safety equipment
> Remain cautious and know when to give up

La carte proposant les différents itinéraires de la région de St-Martin


Technical information

  • Duration 2h00min


Maya Nivo Trail

Maya Nivo Trail

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.175344359519585, 7.451708413696224