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Randonnée pédestre

Ferpècle valley



Legend states that, as well as offering a bucolic setting, this area is a guaranteed source of therapeutic benefits stemming from the silt at the foot of the Mont-Miné glacier … and what other secrets does this soft turquoise water hold? Come and try to find out for yourselves!
The Ferpècle valley is not only a small beautiful and enigmatic glacial plain. It is also a series of small alpine hamlets, some of them still inhabited during the summer.

You can also find this route on Alpes Trail Val d'Hérens 

Technical information

  • Distance 6 km
  • Positive elevation 511 m
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Duration 1h50min


Ferpècle valley

Ferpècle valley

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.04796430432229, 7.55367527160638