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Evolène - Via Ferrata


Open from spring to fall

A combination of walking and climbing, the via ferrata provides unique sensations all within a safe environment.
The Evolène via ferrata is comprised of three routes:

The departure point is accessible leaving the village of Evolène towards Haudères, at the paragliding car park. A short 15-minute-long walk will lead you to the foot of the cliff. From the outset of your ascent, you will experience the first breath-taking overhang and challenge your arm strength! After this first step which is not obligatory (you can skip to step 2 without doing step 1), take a short narrow path, ideal for children. The final section, including several impressive overhangs, is exclusively for the use of those with ample experience!

To stay safe, come prepared:
A via ferrata lanyard, harness, helmet and hiking boots. Please note that all equipment can be rented from the sports shops in the Evolène region.

Furthermore, guides are also available to guide you or simply offer you advice:
Mountain Guides List

And finally some rules and advices:

  • The climbing route is equipped with aerial cables and steps and should not be used without correct equipment and thorough knowledge of how to use it! 
  • Do not use in bad weather conditions.
  • No more than two persons per anchor and remain attached to the cable at all times.  
  • Strictly supervise children.
  • Attention for those with doubts: use a cord and if unsure, don’t climb the Via Ferrata.
  • We advise those who climb to use alpine techniques: roped up.
  • The route should only be practised from top-down.  
  • Despite the reliability of the on-site equipment, you hold sole responsibility for your safety. Do not overestimate your abilities!

You can also find the Via Ferrata on the application www.topoapp.ch

Nature being a law unto itself, you may not have the necessary capabilities of a proven mountaineer to attempt this adventure on your own; you must then seek help from a mountain specialist before setting off. 
Let yourself be carried away by the magical experience of the mountain in the company of a professional mountain guide.



Evolène - Via Ferrata

Evolène - Via Ferrata

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GPS coordinates :
46.10610030856338, 7.5019991397857675