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Bakery Métrailler


Nicolas Métrailler was awarded the "Chevalier au Pain d'Or" and will delight you with his traditional and original breads. Come and brighten up your senses with his assortment of various breads and other delicacies throughout the year.

Catering for weddings

Cake staircase : vacherin, profiterole, tart, millefeuille, pastry
Wedding cake : No
Aperitif : fruit tartlets, tuna toast, jelly, savory cabbage
Dessert buffet : éclaire, cream puff, macaroon
Delivery : Arolla, St-Martin, Euseigne
Catering service : no
Specialty : bread from Evolène, yoghurt bread, fruit bread
Gift : macaroons
Surprise bread: yes


Bakery Métrailler

Bakery Métrailler

+41 (0)27 283 11 58


Rue Centrale 184
1983 Evolène

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.112534443187016, 7.496591559327871

Not wheelchair-accessible Not wheelchair-accessible
Parking place not wheelchair-accessible Parking place not wheelchair-accessible
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