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Randonnée à raquettes

Animal tracks trail - Molignon to La Forclaz

Les Haudères


This winter, the Trail of Tracks offers a wonderful winter walk in the footsteps of wild animals.
The concept of this educational trail was imagined by the glaciologist Robert Bolognesi and echoes his guide.

The educational trail, punctuated by 16 panels, explains how to recognise the footprints left by wild animals in the snow. How to differentiate between the tracks of a chamois, a roe deer or a stag? The wild fauna is very present in the region. This introductory walk will enable you to familiarise yourself with the signs of nature. Without the snow, it is difficult to spot the presence of animals. From the first snowflakes, you can discover the presence of numerous species leaving their signature in the fresh snow.

You can also find this walk on Alpes Trail Val d'Hérens 

Technical information

  • Distance 3.3 km
  • Positive elevation 340 m
  • Negative elevation 20 m
  • Highest point 1'735 m
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Duration 1h30min


Animal tracks trail - Molignon to La Forclaz

OT Evolène Région

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