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Aiguilles Rouges hut



Take a detour to the Aiguilles Rouges!
Amateur walker, you walk the multiple paths for superb walks, between larch trees, blue lakes and high mountain atmosphere.
Beginner mountain climber, you get acquainted in group with professionals in rock-climbing techniques in a grandiose alpine environment.
Hiker confirmed, you carry out races well served by the hut as the Point of Vouasson, between saxifrages and glaciers.
Experienced climber, you cross the Aiguilles Rouges, magnificent rock race, on a perfect ridge line, for a most attractive course.
An attentive observer, you admire the soldier, the chamois and the eagle but also the peaks of the Pennine and Bernese Alps and the imposing Mont Blanc.
A privileged spectator, you may admire this unique minute, at sunrise, where the rock of serpentine and gabbros literally ignites.
Curious visitor, you engage in a conversation with the guard Bernard Maître dit "Boum" and appreciate his kindness and his passion for the mountain.
Friendly character, you share with family, friends or with lovers of the peaks a unique moment during memorable evenings.
The itineraries are many, the pleasures too... The Aiguilles Rouges await you!

Nature being a law unto itself, you may not have the necessary capabilities of a proven mountaineer to attempt this adventure on your own; you must then seek help from a mountain specialist before setting off. 
Let yourself be carried away by the magical experience of the mountain in the company of a professional mountain guide.
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Aiguilles Rouges hut

Aiguilles Rouges hut

Cabane gardiennée en principe en mars-avril puis de fin juin à fin septembre. Local d'hiver disponible hors de ces périodes.

+41 (0)27 283 16 49



Aiguilles Rouges
1986 Arolla

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.05670570073056, 7.4575878158568685