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Your stay in harmony with nature

Val d’Hérens

Evolène Region strongly encourages its guests to behave in a way that respects nature and the environment, whatever the season!

What do you need to know if you want to bivouac?
How should you behave when hiking in relation to the wildlife or animals in the mountain pastures?
How do you deal with your waste when picnicking in the wilderness?

Below you will find recommendations on how you can enjoy your stay, while allowing the nature of the Val d'Hérens to remain clean, and its animals to live in peace - which will undoubtedly also allow you to observe them better!

1. Hiking and mountaineering 
  • Respect seasonal restrictions and closures: SAC portal 
  • Respect the wildlife tranquility zones: to be seen here
  • Use existing routes and trails
  • Close fences behind you
  • Respect private property 
  • Pick in moderation, photograph rather than pick where possible 
  • Take your rubbish with you
  • Use toilet paper instead of tissues or wipes (which degrade less quickly)
  • Source and further information 

2. Climbing
  • The same advice applies as for hiking and mountaineering
  • Pay special attention to nesting birds on cliffs and rock faces by walking around the nests with enough distance
  • Avoid making noise 
  • Source and further information 

3. Moutain biking & E-Mountain biking
  • The same advice applies as for hiking and mountaineering
  • Use the tracks reserved for cycling 
  • Ride carefully and signal your presence (bell) 
  • Give priority to pedestrians 
  • Take care of the tracks and avoid sudden braking
  • Source and further information

4. Bivouac in the wilderness
5. Other general recommendations
  • Avoid touching or handling wildlife (amphibians, lizards or small animals) or feeding animals. 
  • Avoid building dams or mounds of stones or pebbles. These actions disturb the course of rivers and the animals that live in them. 
  • When hiking with your dog, keep it on a leash to prevent it from chasing or scaring wildlife, running over people or cyclists. Loose dogs should be kept under control. Pick up after your dog and dispose of it in appropriate containers.
  • Use public transport, Green Mobility or Alpine taxis.
  • Avoid unauthorised parking; parking on forest roads is in principle prohibited.
  • Buy local; the region offers many local products!
  • Be aware of the fire hazard before starting a fire, use existing fireplaces
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Your stay in harmony with nature

Evolène Région Tourisme