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Randonnée pédestre

Winter hiking Evolène - Les Haudères


Easy loop of 6 km

From the village of Evolène or Les Haudères, several possibilities are available to you:
  • Walk along the river in a setting worthy of Lapland along the right bank (on the village side) then on the left bank after crossing one of the bridges at Les Haudères or the Quetse bridge, halfway and enjoy a superb view over the village of Les Haudères. In winter, this hike is best enjoyed in the morning or early afternoon, as the sun disappears quickly afterwards, first on Evolène then later on Les Haudères.
  • Walking along the cliffs on the other side of the main road allows you to appreciate the many small waterfalls, often frozen in winter, which fall from the cliffs and then join the river. This path gives you the opportunity to appreciate the villages of La Tour - also nicknamed "Chicago" because of its particularly high chalets - and Molignon. This itinerary is the one that stays sunlit the longest, until late afternoon, when it is possible to admire the reflection of the sunset on the eastern face of the Dents de Veisivi.
The two itineraries can be connected. It is possible to combine them to make a large loop, or a smaller one along both banks of the river only. You will cross bucolic and wild landscapes while staying along the Borgne, and enjoy a historical and cultural environment while walking along the villages and cliffs, according to your desires.

Technical information

  • Distance 15 km
  • Positive elevation 194 m
  • Negative elevation 196 m
  • Highest point 1'452 m
  • Duration 2h30min


Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.10808265219913, 7.496623992919923