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Mountain huts and refuges

Vignettes hut

Val d’Hérens

OPENING ON THE 3rd of March 2024

In 1924, at the instigation of an American mountaineer living in Paris, Stuart Jenkins, a hut was built underneath the present hut which bore his name. It provided shelter for 10 people. After the construction of the new hut in 1946, it was used as a bonfire. For the anecdote, let's mention that Jenkins' guide was none other than Jean-Michel Bournissen !!! Several renovations allowed the guards to welcome nearly 120 visitors.

In 2008, the cabin was completely renovated and extended. The sanitary facilities were integrated into the hut and the janitor now has adequate rooms.

Since nature only acts according to its own laws, it is imperative, if you do not have the necessary skills, to call upon the services of a mountain professional before embarking on such an experience.
Let yourself be taken by the magic of the mountain in the company of a professional.

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Any cancellation or change of your reservation must be made directly in the reservation system, no later than 48 hours before your arrival. If you are already on your way, call us to change or to cancel please.

NO SHOW TAX = According to the CAS hut terms, the hutkeeper has the right to ask for a "no-show" tax from visitors or groups who have not canceled their reservation at least 48 hours before their arrival. The reference time is 6:00 p.m. The maximum amount of no-show costs can be up to the total value of the booked services (overnight stay and half-board).

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Vignettes hut

Vignettes hut

The hut is closed since 15 September

+41 (0)27 283 13 22



Les Vignettes
1986 Arolla

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GPS coordinates :
45.989776184974104, 7.475590109825135