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Randonnée hivernale

The ice cave of the Glacier d'Arolla



In view of the current high temperatures, we strongly advise against going near the cave and even more strongly advise against entering it!
Boulder falls are frequent!

Contact the guides in the area for more information.

Since a few months, the Glacier d'Arolla offers an exceptional curiosity: an ice cave of exceptional dimensions.

The access path to the glacier is neither marked nor secured. Access to the interior of the cave is risky. The vault is fragile, especially in spring temperatures.
It is therefore essential to be guided by a mountain leader or a local guide in order to discover this magical and ephemeral place in complete safety.

As the access path is not marked out, it is also advisable to buy snowshoes in the region's sports shops. It is also advisable to wear a helmet inside the cave in case of falling ice or rock.

 Images by @Packedagain
 Find here @Packedagain's article "How to visit the Arolla glacier cave safely?.



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The ice cave of the Glacier d'Arolla

The ice cave of the Glacier d'Arolla
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