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Come and discover the Barolins forest and the guided tours of the three villages Nax - Mase - Vernamiège 03-07-2019 13:50
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Download the totally free Nax Région application that works with / without wifi and discover our new digital routes.


You will discover there:

The Barolins Forest

Walk along the bisse of Tsa Crêta while learning about the forest around it.

The Barolins Forest is a educational trail that works with a quiz from any smartphone.

Throughout the bisse of Tsa Crêta, test the quizz of the Forêt des Barolins. Go to lʼApplication and you will receive information and a quiz question when you are near dʼun station. With family, friends or alone, nʼattendez more to learn the secrets of the forest.

The guided tour of Nax - Mase - Vernamiège

Come and discover our three villages by going through all the points of interest, you will surely be surprised by their stories.


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