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Movie Thursdays
Movie Thursdays
Movie Thursdays
Movie Thursdays
04 July 26 July 2019 20:30 - 23:59 Event

Movie Thursdays

Movie Thursdays
Discover the cinema Thursdays at the Balcon du Ciel theatre in Nax. 

Evenings start at 8:30 pm.

To register, call the tourist office on 027 203 17 38 or send an email to

Program : 


PLAY - 04.07.19 - 20h30

A film by Fred Cavayé - 2018 - France

For dinner, a group of friends suggested that everyone place their mobile phones in the middle of the table. Each SMS, phone call, email, etc. should be shared with the others. It won't be long before this game gradually slips into situations that are, to say the least, grating.

Carried by excellent actors, this funny and subtle comedy questions us on what is necessary to say and what is better to keep silent. We come out with a furious desire to destroy our mobile phones forever!

BLACKBIRD - 11.07.19 - 20h30

A film by Jason Buxton - 2013 - Canada - v.o. with French subtitles

Sean, a tormented teenager, is rejected by the students at his lightning collar. Mysterious and solitary, he uses the Internet as an outlet and imagines virtual revenge scenarios. Alerted, the police found his father's hunting weapons in his home. Accused of planning a crime, Sean will have to face the hostility of the community and face a legal machine obsessed with the precautionary principle.

The Canadian director's first film, "Blackbird" captures all the human flaws, without overdramatizing them, and presents them in the form of a breathless, even revolting psychological thriller that shakes the audience with the force of its interpretation.

ASTRID - 18.07.19 - 20h30

A film by Pernille Fischer Christensen - 2019 - Denmark-Sweden- Germany - v.o. with French subtitles

Astrid Lindgren is 16 years old and has dreams all over her head. She gets a job as a secretary in a local newspaper, falls in love with her boss, finds herself a daughter-mother. Talented and resilient, free and determined, she will invent heroines in her image that will make her a recognized author.

Sensitive portrait of the creator of Fifi Brin d'Acier, but above all of a young girl who fought for her freedom in the 1920s. This story full of humanity, this luminous actress makes this portrait a tender and moving film.

THE RIDER - 25.07.19 - 20h30

A film by Chloé Zhao (2018) - 2018 - 2018 - USA - v.o. with French subtitles

Young cowboy Brady, a rising rodeo star, learned that after his tragic horse accident, he was no longer allowed to compete. In his efforts to regain control of his destiny, he set out in search of a new identity.

The story is true. Those who interpret it on screen are the same people who have experienced it.

A hymn to hope and nature, this anti-western blend of fiction and documentary is a reflection of its hero: humble and dignified.

1973 Nax
+41(0)27 203 17 38
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