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The Ibex Trail-40200
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The Ibex Trail

The Ibex Trail offers varied and above all colourful flora. Let yourself be carried away by this lush nature! From mid-June to mid-October.
This is a very sensitive environment that you must respect and admire by staying on the trails and not picking plants. The plants are suited to their environment and will not grow in your garden. This trail reaches the Col des Roux at an altitude of 2800 m. It takes about 4 hours from departure to arrival at the upper station of the cable car (length: 7 km). 

Can be taken in two directions: either along the Lac Des Dix (recommended direction, walking time to the Prafleuri Hut (2:30 am), or passing through the Combe de Prafleuri to the Prafleuri Hut (1:30 am). You will also find mountain huts along the way where you can stop. 
Level Intermediate

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