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Terre d'happy

They see what you can't see anymore, they know what you've forgotten or repressed. Letting them guide you will take you on a journey of SELF discovery.

Thanks to the horse, an exceptional mediator, you will immerse within yourself, looking at you as you are in all simplicity.

He sees beyond your shell and will invite you to blossom by taking a step further on the path of your personal development. He brings us back to the present moment, helps us in our work of anchoring, self-confidence, letting go,... 

The horse, by its sensitive nature, communicates to us through its body language the reflection of our emotions and states of mind. Rosalie is there to interpret, in all benevolence and simplicity, their messages and take on her role as mediator as well. 

The sessions are done outdoors on foot without riding a horse and last approximately 1:15/1:30.


Individual session for teenagers or adults 120.-Sfr
Couple session (parent/child, spouse,...) 160.-Sfr


Rosalie Vuilleumier
Ranch le Caribou - Thyon 2000

Phone +41 78 890 45 89
Mobile +41 77 485 85 44



27.06 - 30.08.2020
8h - 19h
Evolène région Héremence Saint Martin Val hérens
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