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Espace Dent-Blanche - secteur Evolène-31917
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Espace Dent-Blanche - secteur Evolène

Situated between 1400m and 3000m altitude, the Télé-Evolène domain has 3 installations which allow you to reach the departure of 4 red runs, 3 black runs as well as two downhill runs, a blue one which follows a forest road and an undamaged black one, ideal for powder lovers.

When the conditions allow it, a 4th installation allows you to go to an even wilder area: Les Arpilles.
2 very beautiful additional slopes are then available to you.

Each piste and each facility offers a breathtaking view, in a preserved natural setting. The luckiest ones will even spot a few chamois on their way up the chairlift.

A mountain restaurant welcomes skiers all day long.

Domain open until March 22nd, 2020

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1983 Evolène

Phone +41 (0)27 283 10 80



from December 21nd to March 22th
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