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Cosmetics and health

The cosmetic and health products are created using traditional, authentic Val d’Hérens plants, picked in the area. These include arnica, St. John's wort, masterwort and milk-vetch, plants typical of the region, known for their extensive virtues.

Arnica mother tincture - CHF 28                          


Arnica gel  (100ml/250ml) - CHF 25/CHF 38

Arnica stick  - CHF 12

Arnica is well known as a treatment for different complaints such as bruises, muscular pains or burns, and has been used since the dawn of time in old, carefully guarded recipes. It has relaxing qualities.

Instructions for use

Arnica: apply directly to the painful areas. Caution: do not apply to broken skin.


St. John's wort oil  - CHF 8

St. John's wort is a plant with a number of properties. It calms burns, sunburn and itching, as well as having a reparative, anti-bacterial effect on slow-healing wounds. It helps with joint and rheumatic pain and relieves back pain in the intervertebral discs.


Instructions for use

Warm enough oil in a bain-marie to be able to massage it into the painful areas. You may also add lavender essential oil to increase the relaxing effect.
Apply directly to burns or itching. Do not apply before going out in the sun.



Dent Blanche balm - CHF 35

This balm is made up of a multitude of traditional plants from the Val d'Hérens. It is a powerful ally in combating back, joint or muscle pain.

Instructions for use

Apply before or after sport, or to the painful areas.

  Available online :           (arnica mother tincture, St. John's wort oil, Dent Blanche balm)
            (arnica stick, arnica gel)
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