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Contemplative Trail - Les Rocs-45555
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Contemplative Trail - Les Rocs

Walk on this trail between La Sage and Villa!
Departure at the bottom of the path that goes up in the old village of La Sage, in front of the restaurant Les Collines.
You will have the opportunity to admire 15 poems and watercolours by Francine Carrillo, artist and poet living at La Sage.

It will also be an opportunity to visit these wonderful traditional villages of the Evolution: an exceptional built heritage, with houses, barns, stables, junctions and attics made of larch, with roofs very often covered with slate, not to mention the chapels, including that of St-Christophe, on the hill of the same name in La Sage, offers you a splendid panorama.

The restaurateurs of the region will be pleased to welcome you for a well-deserved break on their magnificent sunny terraces.

If you would like more information about the artist and his works, please visit

Duration 1h01
Level Easy

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