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Détente et bien être

De Terre et de Lumière


Les Haudères

Ayurvedic massages with hot oils
Adapted to the therapeutic needs of the person and according to the analysis of the Ayurvedic profile.
To regain better physical capacities, balance and energy.
To help in stressful situations, difficult life moments or simply to stay healthy.

Individual care for planetary Tibetan bowls and therapeutic tuning forks
The frequencies of the planetary Tibetan bowls correspond to the frequencies emitted by the rotation of the planets of the solar system. These frequencies act on specific parts of the body and energetically in the aura.

Meditation with Tibetan bowls and various musical instruments
The singing bowls are from the thousand-year-old tradition in use in Himalayan monasteries. This practice was considered sacred and used for meditation as well as for healing the body and mind.


De Terre et de Lumière

De Terre et de Lumière

+41 79 523 07 36



Place de la Poste
1984 Les Haudères

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.08164058086654, 7.508844137191773